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36 List Top Level Domain Blogger

Artikel terkait : 36 List Top Level Domain Blogger

Originally all Internet websites are assigned with the most popular (.com) domain. Blogger with .com (Blogspot.Com), but, so many countries around the world uses a 2nd level domain in their respective countries. for example Japan (.jp) (Blogspot.Jp), Hong Kong (.hk) (Blogspot.Hk), Australia ( (Blogspot.Com.Au) and others domain extension. This is known as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD). Here is the international countries that supports Blogger (Blogspot) along with their ccTLD address.

1. (.com) Worldwide eg: eg:
2. ( United Kingdom (UK) eg:
3. (.de) Germany eg:
4. (.jp) Japan eg:
5. ( Argentina eg:
6. ( Brazil eg:
7. (.ca) Canada eg:
8. (.ch) Switzerland eg:
9. (.dk) Denmark eg:
10. ( Spain eg:
11. (.fr) France eg:
12. (.gr) Greece eg:
13. (.hk) Hong Kong eg:
14. (.ie) Ireland eg:
15. ( Israel eg:
16. (.it) Italy eg:
17. (.in) India eg:
18. (.kr) South Korea eg:
19. (.nl) Netherlands eg:
20. ( New Zealand eg:
21. (.mx) Mexico eg:
22. (.be) Belgium eg:
23. ( Australia eg:
24. (.tw) Taiwan eg:
25. (.cz) Czech Republic eg:
26. (.ae) United Arab Emirates eg:
27. (.pt) Portugal eg:
28. (.fi) Finland eg:
29. (.sk) Slovakia eg:
30. (.ru) Russia eg:
31. (.no) Norway eg:
32. (.sg) Singapore eg:
33. (.hu) Hungary eg:
34. (.ro) Romania eg:
35. (.se) Sweden eg:
36. ( Austria eg:
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